What information does the app collect?
The Revbox Power App collects the following information:

Training session data
When you start recording a session in the app, data from available sensors (such as the Revbox and heart rate monitors) is saved to a file on your device's storage until you stop recording. These data files contain no personal or identifying data.

Training data service account username and password
The Revbox Power App allows you to upload training data directly to an online service (such as your TrainingPeaks account). To do so it requires your account's username and password and you will be prompted to enter them the first time that you upload data. These are stored using your device's built-in account manager and have the same level of security as other accounts that you create on your device (such as Gmail, Facebook etc). You can view the account in your device's account list and delete it from your device at any time - this does not affect your TrainingPeaks account itself.

Usage data
The app can collect general data about how it is being used. This is anonymised and sent periodically from your device. You can turn this data collection on and off in the app’s settings screen.

Crash reports
In the event that the app crashes you may be asked if you wish to send us a report that will help us to fix problems with the app. Reports are not sent automatically - you have to explicitly agree to send them. Reports contain the following information: your email address, your locale, the version and name of the app, your device's firmware version and an extract from your device's system log.

How is the information used?
Training session data files allow your data to be retained between uses of the app and to optionally upload the data to TrainingPeaks. Anonymised usage data and any crash reports that you send us are only used by the app developer to improve that app and identify and fix the problems that you experienced. Your TrainingPeaks account details are only used when you choose to upload data to TrainingPeaks from the app.

Who can access the information?
Training data files are only stored on your device, are not available to other apps on your device and are not shared with any other parties (including Revbox Training Ltd).

The TrainingPeaks account details that you enter in the Revbox app are not available to any other apps on your device. They are not shared with any other parties (including Revbox Training Ltd) and are sent over the network to the TrainingPeaks service in a secure encrypted format.

Only the Revbox app developer has access to usage data and crash reports that you send to us and the information that they contain is not shared with any other parties.