"Despite my lowest cycling training mileage logged in the last fifteen years, I think the most drastic change was made by taking my cycling training 100% indoors and utilizing a Revbox trainer. This trainer was funded by a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago and is gaining momentum in a big way amongst pro tour cyclists.

This low inertia air braking trainer forces full muscle activation throughout the whole pedal stroke, is very light compared to other trainers on the market (making it easy to travel with), and utilizes a nine blade fan which keeps the body surprisingly cool during sessions. They also have a cadence and power sensor that is simple to install and it syncs up to Zwift, Sufferfest and TrainerRoad."

Lars Finanger / Professional Triathlete, USA

"We were asked why we’ve chosen to work with Revbox, rather than other types of indoor trainer. Jam Cycling is all about products that truly help ambitious people to achieve their goals. We don’t have time for gimmicks or gadgets. Training on a Revbox is a lot like riding into a headwind. You won’t receive any assistance from the turbo itself, meaning you do all the work. Pedal technique and power transfer are optimised whilst you rotate the cranks with a natural and unhindered action. That’s because, unlike other indoor trainers, momentum won’t build up in the system and throw your legs around the pedal stroke."

Jam Cycling, Triathlete Team / Loughborough University

"We found the Revbox to be a fantastic training tool and our athletes much preferred this experience to others that they have tried. The results we have had from athletes training on the Revbox have been really positive."

Robin Dowell / Headcoach of the Swiss Rowing Team

"Staying in prime condition for the next race means I can't afford to waste a workout, and using the Revbox makes it much easier to train smart for power and speed on the bike. The fan on the back wheel guarantees very smooth pedalling at all cadences. After seeing the results from my sessions on the Revbox, I am honoured to join forces with Revbox."

Tim Don / World's Fastest Ironman, UK

"I am really impressed by the Revbox Erg and I am looking forward to seeing the gains I can achieve training with it."

Andrea Hewitt / World Renowned Professional Athlete, NZ

"The Revbox is a super smart tool for cyclists of all levels. At Maloja Pushbikers, we use this innovative stationary trainer almost all year long and all around the globe. It is lightweight, handy and transportable which makes it a great companion while travelling. I personally believe it also helps me to establish a smooth and efficient pedal stroke."

Maloja Pushbikers / Founder and rider Christian Grasmann

"I had the opportunity to test and use the low inertia Revbox indoor cycling trainer. I knew from my racing experience that low inertia trainers helps the athlete to perform high specific work-outs because in a less than 2 pedal stroke you can accelerate at the targeted power output. Revbox allows you to do this specific work-outs, making a training session effective and time saving. It's also very helpful to simulate climbing reps as the feeling you have when you train on the Revbox is the same when you are pedaling uphill. A thing that I liked is the fact that it is light and easy to travel with and at the same time effective."

Marco Pinotti / Italy (Coach and Six-Time Italian Time Trial Champion)

"First ride on my Revbox today. Two key things I noticed 1. You use a lot more and different muscles to keep the blades turning over. In particular, medialis, the 'tear drop' shaped muscle above the knee and all the inside thigh muscles. There's no momentum so you have to work the whole 360 degrees 2. Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp .... I thought I peddled in nice circles. Nup.

You can hear the deadspots in your stroke. It's going to take s lot of focus and skill to smooth out the 'whoomps' but worth it. On the Revbox website is a research article showing a 100w gain in 10 days from improved neuromuscular coordination. I can see why. I know I said two but, it's hard. Harder than a mag resistance trainer or flywheel trainer. I'm looking forward to seeing the Revbox work come to life up long climbs, headwinds and big gear flats"

Tim Corbett / New Zealand

"The Revbox has done wonders for my cycling coupled with a targeted training programme. I started cycling in my early 40’s. Originally using cycling as a way to recover from a running injury. I then found myself addicted to the sport. With little formal training I found that I had picked up bad habits over the years. I’ve used magnetic trainers and also the XX XXXX fan assisted trainer. The REVBOX out performs both of these trainers. It has forced me to now use my complete pedal stroke if not then you can definitely hear the inefficiency in the pedalling from the fans. It has also definitely forced me to iron out most of those bad habits that I had picked up. There’s no assistance what so ever during my training with the assistance of the fans to create a natural but extremely effective air brake denying my legs the minute opportunity to have a rest. Plus the unlimited resistance range is great for my training also. I have so far not been able to use all of the my gearing range with the REVBOX. This has been great for me with improvement in my performance on the road and in club and national level racing. Not only do I use my REVBOX for all my indoor training, I also take it to races to warm up prior to the start. Light weight and portable. I am now looking forward to the next 12 months as I build to World Masters in NZ with my REVBOX training partner. Again Phil, exceptional NZ made cycling machine, outstanding A++ customer and after sales service. You can’t ask for anything else."

Robert Te Moana / New Zealand

"...I'm just finishing up my 3rd session on the Revbox and I have been doing myself such a disservice by riding a fly wheel trainer. I've developed a rubbish pedaling technique which is really showing out while riding the Revbox. I'm glad that over the next few months I'll be able to work on correcting this technique."

Logan Hutchings / USA

"...since becoming a pro mountain biker in 2006 I have been working hard every off season to reach higher levels with my training. Four months on the Revbox and I'm seeing the best results I've ever been able to achieve. What an incredible tool for getting strong! Not just power increases, also efficiency to my pedaling technique as well as core strength"

Justin Leov (Canyon Factory Enduro Team) / NZ Facebook.com/justin.leov

"...I've used a lot of trainers over the years as both an athlete and a coach and I made a lot of gains from using a power based trainer that could provide the resistance I needed and wanted for some highly specific low rpm / high resistance sets. This is where most trainers fall short. The Revbox being a windbrake erg is in a league of it's own here. Not only does this trainer make you strong, it makes you neuromuscularly efficient which means it helps develop all important form under duress and that is why it's the trainer I now recommend."

Kristian Manietta / Canada TriSpecific.com

"The Revbox is the perfect training erg and a huge part of my programme. It's so easy to set up and travel with- I love it thanks!!!"

Karen Hanlen (Multitimes NZ MTB Champion) / New Zealand

"...best ergo I have ever ridden. Incredible difference. Loved it."

Greg Henderson (Lotto Soudal World Pro Tour Cycling Team) / New Zealand

"...I do enjoy the training. I like the natural feel of it - always uphill and into the wind! I can enjoy the effort because it's obvious how beneficial it is for muscles always. And for endurance, and for aerobic capacity."

Andrew Long / Australia

"...I jumped on this morning for a big gear interval set, it was amazing. Right from the beginning when I was warming up in smaller gears I could feel that I really needed to activate my hamstrings more and could feel I had to work my lower abs and glutes to help stabilise. When I did some 30sec sprints to help warm up I could feel massive muscle recruitment and when I went to the big gear work I really felt I had to work in the up part of my stroke to have the sound much more constant. I was on my 11 speed bike which is the oval rings so my sound is never going to be perfect because of this, but it is very apparent when something is not right and over time this will be a massive help to me. Exactly the tool I need to improve my cycling technique and strength. I will go back on this afternoon for my interval session. I also like how it keeps you cool. It is much more comfortable to do these sessions when you have the breeze coming at your legs. I really hope I can get my athletes onto this as I know it will improve their biking massively."

Gina Crawford (Multitimes Ironman Distance Champion) / New Zealand www.ginacrawford.blogspot.co.nz

"Really stoked with it the times I've used it wow really makes you work twice as hard as going it for a ride on the road I feel the sessions I have done on it have really benefited. Overall I´m really happy with it."

Brook MacDonald(GT Factory Racing Team) / New Zealand www.facebook.com/BrookMacdonald

"...the trainer is absolutely fantastic. I did a triathlon on the weekend and had one of the top bike splits with very limited training. You can absolutely rip your legs off and can really feel the difference in pedal stroke. It's great for the low cadence efforts and also the sustained stuff. I might eventually go professional for long course triathlon and I would love to work with you to promote the Rev box. It's an absolute gem!"

Luke Smith / Australia

"...I have a Revbox Erg, one from the first shipment for public sale and absolutely love it."

Clarke Curtis / New Zealand

"...nothing has ever come close to what the Revbox provides in terms of feel and resistance. The setup is smooth, and allows me to ride as natural as possible, but when I want to wind it up, and push big hard efforts, it responds fantastically. There’s none of the clunky, wobbly feeling that you get other trainers, just a smooth ride with a huge amount of resistance at high or low rpm. There is no other trainer that I would recommend."

Pete Lever / Australia www.trispecific.com

"...only been on the Revbox Erg once for a power session and think that it is already making a difference."

Ross Oakley / Australia

"...love the REVBOX. I train with it at least twice a week doing high intensity structured sessions in my garage early in the morning before work. Prefer to use it vs going outdoors, especially here in Wellington. It's allowed me to rectify some bad habits with my pedal stroke and pedal efficiency and also improved my strength and power. I couldn't train without it."

Robert Te Moana / New Zealand

"...the Revbox is fantastic :) I was saying to Kristian, it know's when you're soft pedalling!! You can't hide. Looking forward to seeing the progress over next 12 months!

Luke Smith / Australia

"...the Revbox is a superior training device and helped me to podium a national calendar Crit his year for the first time with Aussie Hilton Clarke.

Garret Olsen / USA

"I've been using the Revbox for just over 4 months now and in my opinion this trainer is the real deal! Firstly the resistance it generates is amazing, I can't see how you can 'out power' it. Secondly the efficiency you gain through the smoother pedalling action has meant I am cycling at the same level or higher with less effort. Using the sound of the blades spinning to smoothen out your cadence takes time, but it's worth the focus and effort, you will notice the improvement on the road. I absolutely love the Revbox, and wouldn't go back the PC based trainers I used to have, because I'm seeing the results already!

Brett Isaac / Australia

"Just wanted to say that I'm loving my Revbox. When you live in a big city and sometimes the pressures of work and family life mean you can't get out for a decent ride, it's great to know you can still get a quality session done without the compromise that happens on a standard trainer. Threshold intervals done!"

Samantha Gray / New Zealand

"Locked and loaded on the new Revbox! Awesome customer service and a solid unit that really brings the pain!"

Aaron Gardiner / Canada

"...my new Revbox Erg arrived, it's an awesome piece of equipment that will really help my training"

Madeleine Park / New Zealand

"No energy wasted - you get back what you put it and there's no flywheel generating inertia to smooth out how poorly you might be pedalling.. but it won't last. These kick your butt but keep you coming back for more"

Ben Copsey / New Zealand

"Rediculous... I am not sure if my other trainers have ever done a thing, such a simple set up & my first test drive absolutely smashed me, thanks Revbox!!!"

James Staciwa / New Zealand

"...I'm loving the Revbox. I'm going to Masters World Champs this year in Manchester and I can already feel the difference it is making already."

Graham Bunn(Coach Road Level 2) / New Zealand

"...my new Revbox is off the hook love it cant walk after a 25 min session of sprints"

Troy Boniface / New Zealand

"...best trainer I've ever used! Highly recommended!"

Kelly Chapman / New Zealand

"...ich bin begeistert."

Timo Schäfer / Germany

"...been using the Revbox and absolutely loving it."

Timothy Lim / Singapore www.louebicycles.com

"In the lead up to Ironman Malaysia I switched to doing a lot of my cycling sessions on a Revbox erg. I love it! It was quick and simple to set up, out of the box and together in a few minutes. I have not looked back since! There is no taking it easy on a Revbox, every session is a hard one. Low cadence sessions are great, as it does not get bound up when cycling at a low cadence. I have done lots of interval training on the Revbox and it has really helped to strengthen me on the bike. There is no cheating and I feel every session has been an efficient and quality workout. It has made me focus on my technique and keeping a smooth pedaling stroke as any weakness in your stroke then you can hear the difference in the sound of the fan. I look forward to testing out the Revbox further and watching my cycling improve!"

Vicki Hill / Singapore

"...so, as consumers we are very quick to criticise and or provide negative feedback….but today, I wanted to let you know….I LOVE MY REVBOX! You know I have a bit if history with it….which we resolved with new blades. I was then not confident to use the machine for a few months because it felt unstable in my training room. I have since moved it onto a concrete platform, and KABOOM! It’s a beast. You can thank Pete Lever for pushing me to using it, because I was seriously considering going to a XXXXX….but since I have been on it constantly now for a few weeks, I will never need another trainer. Its so much better than my XXXXXXXX, and I am seriously surprised as how much assistance the flywheel gives in the back end of the pedal stroke. I am amazed at how much resistance that thing creates, and how much it exposes weaknesses and laziness in ones pedaling style! Great work, great tool!!!!"

Brett Isaac / Australia

"..the Revbox arrived yesterday and is fully operational! I am very happy with it – interesting feedback as I also own a XX Erg (sure you are familiar with this) and I did a comparable workout on the Revbox last night and was impressed – it certainly last nothing in comparison with respect to ability to generate the intensity or for smoothness in resistance (and with a price tag at ¼ of the price then represents excellent value for money !) I am looking forward to getting the Power App working (some issues here unrelated to the product!) so that I can utilise the data for client testing etc...!"

Steve Ellery / New Zealand www.franklinphysio.co.nz

".....It has definitely improved my bike! Once you get rid of the whoop whoop in your pedal stroke......flying"

Ross Oakley / Australia

"First ride on my revbox today. Two key things I noticed 1. You use a lot more and different muscles to keep the blades turning over. In particular, medialis, the 'tear drop' shaped muscle above the knee and all the inside thigh muscles. There's no momentum so you have to work the whole 360 degrees 2. Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp .... I thought I peddled in nice circles. Nup. You can hear the deadspots in your stroke. It's going to take s lot of focus and skill to smooth out the 'whoomps' but worth it. On the revbox www is a research article showing a 100w gain in 10 days from improved neuromuscular coordination. I can see why. http://www.revbox.co.nz/reviews/ 3. I know I said two but, it's hard. Harder than a mag resistance trainer or flywheel trainer. I'm looking forward to seeing the revbox work come to life up long climbs, headwinds and big gear flats It's good!"

Tim Corbet / New Zealand

"Congratulations, you have a wicked product that does what it says on the lid! Within strokes I'm straight away smoothing out my pedal motion and it makes you work HARD. There is simply no hiding using the Revbox."

Gary Ward / New Zealand

"...nach anfänglicher Skepsis kann ich mir ein Training ohne wöchentliche "Revbox" Einheiten nicht mehr vorstellen! Vielen Dank fürs "überzeugen"!"

Jens Böttcher / Germany

"...thanks for getting the Revbox to me in one piece. I've never worked so hard on a trainer, I can definitely say you guys have come up trumps with this one. Just completed a FTP test on Trainerroad and will use this as my baseline. The concentration, muscle activation required in incredible - I think you guys are under estimating the 10% improvement. The sky's the limit with Revbox. I'm training for the X Tri world championships in November. The Revbox is definitely going to improve my cycling and FTP ready for race day."

Pasquale di Maio / Australia

"The Revbox allows me to make the best use of my time and I can maximizing my training effort for any given session. It doesn’t matter if it’s an easy spin or hard big gear intervals, the Revbox provides a real road feel and there is zero tolerance for cheating at any point in the pedal stroke. The personal care from the Revbox team has also been outstanding."

Assad Attamimi / Singapore