By simply removing the rear wheel, a road bike can be fitted to the Revbox. The quick release skewer on the drive hub is tightened on the bikes dropouts just like a skewer on a wheel. Stabiliser legs are fitted to the unit with attached quick release skewers. No parts need to be removed or adjusted.

The Revbox works without a front wheel block as it has been designed to be the same height as a 700c x 23mm road wheel. 

Every 10 or 11 speed cassette with Shimano spline can be fitted to the freehub body and the Revbox Erg can take ratios up to 11/29 to allow also beginners to train with very low power put with less than 130 watts if required.


If a rider does not have a power measuring device such as an InfoCrank, P2M or any other power meter, power can get measured with our Revbox Power App, which is available for free from the Google Play store. To use the app a special sensor kit is required, these can be purchased in our accessories section.