Developers excited for new Revbox Power App

Thu, 25 Jun 2015

The team behind the revolutionary stationary cycle trainer are very excited Revbox Erg users will be able to use the Revbvox Power App to read power, speed, cadence and heart rate along with other training relevant information to get most out of their Revbox Erg training sessions.

Revbox Development Engineer and Partner Robert Durham has been working hard with the App’s Developer and technicians to build the best training App to compliment the Revbox Erg. “It’s been a real team effort with a focus on delivering something that will add some real value to those training with a Revbox Erg,” Durham said.

Philipp Schacht, Partner and Director of Revbox New Zealand, said it was ‘really exciting’  as the team took another vital step to ensure Revbox Erg users get the most out of their training.

Schacht said the Revbox Power App would be available in late August. Training sessions in the more advanced App will be able to be uploaded directly into Trainingpeaks to monitor progress and success. Revbox New Zealand planned to develop training plans specifically made for the Revbox Erg which will be available for download directly onto a smartphone or tablet.

This first release of the Revbox Power App will only be available for Android smartphones and tablets with plans to include Apple IOS in September or October. The Revbox Power App will also work with earlier versions of the Revbox Erg and sensors will be available from Revbox New Zealand from late August.