Thu, 20 Jul 2017

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. Revbox is now the official training partner of the German cycling team Maloja Pushbikers. The Revbox stationary trainer provided by the New Zealand based brand will allow the Maloja Pushbikers to train more efficiently in the upcoming seasons.

Starting out in 2010 the Maloja Pushbikers had a vision to set out to do things differently.

They wanted to revive & revolutionise cycling as a sport. At the centre of their goal is joy and passion for the sport. “Maloja Pushbikers ride out of love for the sport, the joy of being successful as a team. We ride to explore the world that bicycle racing has opened up for us.”

Seven years later the Maloja Pushbikers went on to win races all over the world with their international team of riders - becoming one of the best track teams in the world. Revbox is proud to be the official training partner of Maloja Pushbikers and the team of young Future Stars they train and inspire.

Maloja Pushbikers founder and rider Christian Grasmann says of the Revbox: "The Revbox is a super smart tool for cyclists of all levels. At Maloja Pushbikers, we use this innovative stationary trainer almost all year long and all around the globe. It is lightweight, handy and transportable which makes it a great companion while travelling. I personally believe it also helps me to establish a smooth and efficient pedal stroke.”

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