Lotto Soudal pro cycling join forces with Revbox

Fri, 04 Sep 2015

Philipp Schacht, Partner and Managing Director of Revbox New Zealand, said his team was ‘very excited’ to be working alongside a World Pro tour cycling team competing at the top of the sport.

“It really is fantastic and a huge endorsement about what the Revbox Erg can provide as a stationary cycling trainer,” he said.  “The gains an athlete can achieve using the Revbox Erg are very significant and to have this recognised by one of the world’s leading professional cycling teams is very encouraging.” 

Lotto Soudal Sports Director Bart Leyzen said he was really impressed by the Revbox Erg and was looking forward to seeing the gains his cyclists could achieve training with them. "The trainers are compact, light, easy to transport and will give our cyclist as tough as a work out as they possibly need," he said.

Schacht said that the Revbox Erg, being an air braked, direct driven cycle trainer with minimal rotational inertia, provides a controlled training environment that results in vital incremental fitness and strength improvements.

“The Revbox Erg can easily be integrated into an athlete’s year round preparations for major goals. It’s perfect for professional athletes all the way through to recreational cyclists wanting to get the most out of their training time too.” 

The Lotto Soudal team and Revbox New Zealand Limited will officially start working together on the 1st of January 2016.