For several years now Revbox has undergone intensive design and development processes. It is now in use by hundreds of professional athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 

The goal was to create a trainer that was not only lightweight, compact and easy to transport but allowed the user to improve precise muscle strength and stamina in less time, anywhere. 

Design requirements were to create a device that would allow extremely high power output training, from very low to very high cadences, suitable for even the most powerful elite athletes. 

Just replicating general road conditions was too broad an objective. Our real goal with the Revbox was a training unit that would stimulate specific muscular, aerobic, and anaerobic adaptations to improve key areas of a cyclist’s performance. The Revbox uses the chain of the bicycle to transfer power to the fan for immediate, non-slip resistance. 

German founder and developer of the Revbox, Philipp Schacht has perfected what is known today as the Revbox MK 7.1 & it’s lightweight version, the LT 1.0 but the journey hasn’t stopped there. Philipp is passionate about precision training and continues to innovate products to specifically target the bigger vision - to help teams and individuals achieve their personal best and far beyond.

"Years of research, design, and prototypes have led us to create the most versatile high performance stationary trainer in the world. No other unit can claim to have such a wide resistance range, such specific training benefits, and be so easily transportable. The first priority was the resistance, which had to be suitable for the most powerful riders. To have no compromises we concluded the Revbox must be made with a large diameter air-braked fan unit."  - Philipp Schachet

The unit itself is precision engineered, comprising of elite materials and components. It has undergone endless trials and testing globally. Using a large, central fan - which does not gather momentum - the system requires the users constant, even pedal stroke which is integral to the results seen in those that train with it. The fan also plays the crucial role of providing the user with audible feedback - the cyclist can instantly hear from the fan if their pedal stroke is even, unwavering and strong.

Unlike other trainers on the market - the Revbox requires all of the lower muscle groups to engage on the entire 360˚ stroke. Along with the audible feedback, the user will know when they are pedaling in a perfect circle, resulting in the most efficient training ever experienced.

Training with the Revbox is becoming something of a following, specifying in a complete precision training program with goals to expand far beyond the unit itself. Long term? There is no telling where Revbox will take your training and muscle development. The only limit - is how far you want to push your personal best.